Putting Things In Pretty Boxes

Now that everything is semi-done, I’d like to put my machine in a pretty box.

For less experienced boxmakers, I must stress the importance of CONSIDERING THE THICKNESS OF YOUR BOXMATERIAL. It may sound obvious, but real life boxes differ greatly from theoretical math class boxes because they’re made of actual physical stuff – determining your dimensions with your material in mind will keep your pretty box from becoming an ugly box.

Anyway, my plan for the CD player’s housing is something vaguely reminiscent of a frankenstein Moog effects unit. Wooden sides with a black faceplate and all that. Here’s a wood-like substance with my cuts outlined:

pro wood skills

Here’s everything after cutting. I used a bandsaw because I have access to one, but one could use a less fancy tool depending on what is available. After all the pieces were cut, I did a big vertical cut in what will become the bottom of the box. This made a bit more space for the electronics and faceplate and all that.


Here are some little brackets I made myself out of sheet metal. The process consisted of cutting the little strips, drilling holes, and bending them into right angles with my bare hands like a boss.

sexy brackets

Finally, I screwed everything together. It looks like this:

not actually wood

The bottom piece fits snugly inside the three outer sides and the cute little L brackets are bolted in place. Yay!

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