CD Players In Pretty Boxes Part 2 – The Electric Bits

For the faceplate of the CD machine, I used a piece of plastic. I cut some holes to mount the panel to the rest of the box, plus ten holes for banana jacks.

faceplate + bananas

Banana jacks are a beautiful thing. These are what each pin of the CD player RAM will connect to. When the machine is finished, each jack will correspond to one of the RAM pins, and they will be connectable via patch cables. Banana cables/jacks are super awesome for making patch bays because the cables are able to stack, meaning you can cram multiple cables into each other to connect more than one thing to a given jack at a time. It’s great.

Anyway, I then drilled two more holes in the faceplate and used a square file to shape them into suitable rectangles for the CD player’s switches to sit in. I desoldered the switches from the CD player in order to measure them and put them in the faceplate properly.

switch holes

Here’s what everything box-related looks like all together so far:

CD Electronixxx


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