CD Player Circuit Bending – Hi.

Hello! Welcome to my portable CD player hacking journey.

My intention is to modify an old portable CD player (easily purchasable on ebay) and turn it into a disgusting noisemaker, then put it in a pretty box that makes it easy to interact with. This will be done primarily by abusing the anti-skip mechanism of the CD player. The model I am using is the Sony D-E301 Discman from 1997, though bear in mind that any other CD player with anti-skip features can be used for a project like this. Here is the outside of my Discman:

It’s grey. The lid claims to be heat resistant. A nice thing about this discman is that it’s old and the buttons are not located on the lid as they are with many other (particularly more “modern”) portable CD players. The meaty guts of the thing that we will be doing all of our poking around in is very easily exposed and messed with without doing too much screwing around with the case. I like this. More to come.

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